reproductive health and critical thinking

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Reproductive health is a challenge in all over the world, family planning as a subdivision of reproductive health is a big challenge as well. Nowadays in some developing countries such as Iran, we are encountered with a reverse approach on family planning issue. There a key question is raised that how much of a person's decisions about family planning explained by policy and how much by individual determinants such as critical thinking? Or which of them has more quota?

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quality is a important component in health facilities,include 2 part related  together,quality of care and quality of service.and but why is decrise quality in the some hospitals and health facilities on developing countries??

Qualiy is a very important element of health care, indeed. Quality can be deficient in health services due to several factors: providers may not have all the competencies required for the provision of critical services, they may not have the required elements (equipment, materials, drugs, etc.) to perform their duties, or they may not have the appropriate motivation to deliver quality services. The task of any person interested in improving quality is to contribute to correct these shortcomings, through the provision of of either appropriate training or managerial support, including supervision and incentives (not necessarily monetary). Better results a re usually obtained if improvement activities are implemented woking in teams and in a consisten way. Quality is noit a one-time activity, it must be constantly monitored and supported.