Maternal morbidity measurement tool pilot: study protocol

Journal Article
(Published June, 2016)
Say, L. (Author),
Barreix, M. (Author),
Chou, D. (Author),
Ndirangu, G. (Author),
Tuncalp, O. (Author),
Cottler, S. (Author),
McCaw-Binns, A. (Author),
Taulo, F. (Author),
Hindin, M. (Author)
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WHO convened the Maternal Morbidity Working Group (MMWG) to develop standardized methods to improve estimates of maternal morbidity. Tools will be administered by trained health care workers. This protocol outlines the pilot test for measuring maternal morbidity in antenatal and postnatal clinical populations using these new tools in Jamaica, Kenya and Malawi. The matrix highlights three dimensions of maternal morbidity which create the foundation for the measurement tools. The first dimension is composed of 121 conditions, 58 symptoms, 29 signs, 44 investigations and 35 management strategies. The second dimension of the matrix measures functional impact and disability related to pregnancy, as defined in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). The third dimension measures maternal history, focusing on social- and health-related characteristics, which might help identify the maternal morbidity as well as influence the risk and severity of the morbidity.

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Say L, Barreix M, Chou D, Tunçalp Ö, Cottler S, McCaw-Binns A, et al. Maternal morbidity measurement tool pilot. Reprod Health. 2016;13.