Postpartum Systematic Screening in Northern Nigeria: A Practical Application of Family Planning and Maternal Newborn and Child Health Integration

(Published November, 2010)
Charurat, E. (Author),
Bashir, N. (Author),
Airede, L. R. (Author),
Abdu-Aguye, S. (Author),
Otolorin, E. (Author),
McKaig, C. (Author)
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This report presents the evaluation of postpartum systematic screening covering postnatal care, antenatal care, family planning (including counseling on postpartum family planning), immunization and other relevant services that was piloted in Northern Nigeria in 2009. The objectives of the evaluation were to determine the effectiveness of postpartum systematic screening as a means to increase service use, particularly postpartum family planning. In addition to the evaluation, this report also presents recommendations for future implementation and scale-up possibilities.

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