Business Case: Investing in Production of High-Quality Oxytocin for Low-Resource Settings

(Published December, 2014)
Schocken C. (Author)
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This business case includes a review of postpartum hemorrhage. It discusses how oxytocin is used to manage the condition, and challenges and new innovation aimed at increasing access to the drug. It presents the challenges for scaling up the use of oxytocin, including questions of drug quality, maintaining the drug in the cold chain, storage temperatures, and proper labeling. There is a discussion about the role of the World Health Organization's Prequalification Process, and how the process can be used to improve the quality of maternal health products. The paper then quantifies the size of the oxytocin market, and the prices of quality-assured and non-quality-assured products, which will be useful to manufacturers and procurement agencies. Finally, the paper lays out a framework to shape the market for oxytocin to promote the use of quality-assured products.

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