Community Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria in Pregnancy Learning Resource Package

Training Material
(Published December, 2018)
Transforming Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Optimal Pregnancy (TIPTOP) Project (Author)
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The TIPTOP learning resource package (LRP) is a generic package of materials on Community Intermittent Preventive Treatment (C-IPTp) which can be adapted to local country contexts.  The TIPTOP approach is currently being piloted to produce evidence to inform change in WHO policy recommendations for malaria in pregnancy.  The LRP includes a C-IPTp implementation guide to support implementers in strengthening communities to be directly involved in the effective delivery of IPTp with SP to all eligible pregnant women in the community, building and sustaining community demand for antimalarial commodities and supporting community health workers (CHWs) to identify and refer pregnant women to the ANC clinic. This learning resource package is for countries testing C-IPTp and any country or district delivering malaria control interventions can use the Implementation Guide, adapting the approach to its existing CHW service delivery platform for sustained high coverage of MiP interventions. The basic community processes described in this guide can also be adopted for use in other community-level programs for integrated disease control.  In addition to the implementation guide, the LRP also contains a facilitators’ guide with relevant PowerPoint presentations and a variety of pictorial and non-pictorial job aids.

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