Helping Mothers Survive Pre-Eclampsia & Eclampsia Training Package: Russian

Training Material
(Published July, 2017)
Jhpiego (Author)
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The HMS Pre-Eclampsia & Eclampsia (PE&E) training package is designed for teams of frontline health workers who care for women around the time of pregnancy and birth. The team includes skilled birth attendants such as midwives and doctors, and other team members, such as nurses and support staff. HMS PE&E helps learners master the competencies needed to safely and effectively detect, classify, and manage PE&E.

The materials for this training include:

  • Action Plan 1 and Action Plan 2 are graphic job aids that help providers identify and manage PE&E. Action Plan 1 includes initial assessment, diagnosis, and initiation of treatment and is targeted to those who may be the first to see women experiencing PE&E, whether at a primary care facility or in the antenatal clinic or outpatient department. Action Plan 2 provides guidance for ongoing care and treatment of women with severe PE&E and is intended for use in referral facilities that provide advanced, ongoing management.
  • The Flip Chart is used for instruction and can be a reference for ongoing practice after initial training.
  • The Provider’s Guide is for both facilitators and learners. It contains information for ongoing practice and more in-depth information.

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