Care of Low Birth Weight Babies through Kangaroo Mother Care Learning Resource Package

Training Material
(Published July, 2015)
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population, National Health Training Center (Author),
Jhpiego (Author),
Laerdal (Author)
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This learning resource package is focused on care of low birth weight babies (LBW) through Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC). The package comprises a Facilitator’s Notebook, Learner’s Handbook and Information Education and Communication materials. It provides information about the needs and essential health care of LBW babies (i.e. preterm and small for gestational age) from birth up to the time of discharge from KMC. The essential care of LBW babies starts from the health facility and continues to the community and at home. 
The Learners Handbook uses a competency-based approach and is designed to teach the health workers care of LBW babies. The Facilitator’s Notebook comprises technical content and a course outline, including knowledge assessment questionnaire with answer key, skills assessment checklists and case scenarios. 
The package is intended for in-service training of health workers who already have the basic knowledge and skills in maternal and newborn care. It contains all the technical content, checklists, case scenarios and the schedule for two days of training.

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