The challenge of using and misusing insecticide-treated bed nets

Journal Article
(Published September, 2017)
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Where economic benefit can be gained—bed nets will be reassigned to alternative uses. Re-use and disposal of old mosquito nets is distinguished from misuse of newly distributed mosquito nets.  Dr. Brieger's review found that in rural, peri-urban and urban settings, people adopted innovative and beneficial ways of re-using old, expired nets, and those that were damaged beyond repair. Fencing for livestock, seedlings and crops were the most common uses in this predominantly agricultural area. Other domestic uses were well/water container covers, window screens, and braiding into rope that could be used for making chairs, beds and clotheslines. Recreational uses such as making footballs, football goals and children’s swings were reported. Mass campaigns and free net distributors can pay more attention to community involvement, culturally appropriate health education and onsite follow-up, especially the involvement of community health workers.

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Brieger B. The challenge of using and misusing insecticide-treated bed nets. Africa Health. 2017;September 2017:3.