Client satisfaction determinants in four Kenyan slums

Journal Article
(Published August, 2015)
Wambua, J. (Author),
Mbayaki, R. (Author),
Munyao, P. (Author),
Kabue, M. (Author),
Mulindi, R. (Author),
Change, P. (Author),
Ikamati, R. (Author),
Jahonga, R. (Author),
Ambalu, R. (Author),
Maranga, W (Author)
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Health facility clients in the four slums are satisfied with services and have confidence the providers will serve them in a friendly and professional manner that promotes respect and quality care. The paper recommends that healthcare managers in similar settings carry out client flow analysis and institute remedial measures to address long waiting times. Qualitative studies are recommended to determine the reasons behind the high satisfaction levels reported in this study. The authors use latent variable modelling to compute client satisfaction scores to identify factors that influence client satisfaction.
Wambua JM, Mbayaki R, Munyao PM, Kabue MM, Mulindi R, Change PM, et al. Client satisfaction determinants in four Kenyan slums. International journal of health care quality assurance. 2015;28(7):667-77.