Development of a tool to measure women’s perception of respectful maternity care in public health facilities

Journal Article
(Published March, 2016)
Sheferaw, Ephrem D. (Author),
Mengesha, Teka Z. (Author),
Wase, Solomon B. (Author)
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A draft respectful maternity care [RMC] scale with 37 items and two additional measures of global satisfaction items, measured on a five-point Likert scale, were administered to a developmental sample of 509 postnatal care clients visiting facilities immediately after childbirth to 7 weeks postpartum. The final RMC scale with 15 items was loaded on four components: friendly care, abuse-free care, timely care, and discrimination-free care. The final RMC scale correlated strongly with the global satisfaction measures, indicating criterion-related validity of the scale. Content-related validity was assured by the process of item generation. Construct validity of the RMC scale was confirmed by high average factor loading of the four components ranging from 0.76 to 0.82 and low correlation between the components. Stability of the scale was confirmed by running PCA in a randomly selected split sample of 320 samples from the validation sample. The final 15-item scale showed an adequate reliability with α = 0.845.

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Sheferaw ED, Mengesha T, Wase SB. Development of a tool to measure women's perception of respectful maternity care in public health facilities. BMC pregnancy and childbirth. 2016;16(67):8