Effects of a performance and quality improvement intervention on the work environment in HIV-related care: a quasi-experimental evaluation in Zambia

Journal Article
(Published December, 2014)
Gathari Ndirangu (Author),
Anthony Gichangi (Author),
Lynn Kanyuuru (Author),
Jane Otai (Author),
Rose Mulindi (Author),
Pamela Lynam (Author),
Nancy Koskei (Author),
Hannah Tappis (Author),
Linda Archer (Author)
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This study assessed if a Young Mothers’ Club strategy improved participants' knowledge of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), positive behavior around childbirth, and FP. Participants in 9 YMCs (n = 193) across four slums were interviewed to assess their knowledge of safe motherhood topics before and after a series of eight health education sessions.

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Ndirangu G, Gichangi A, Kanyuuru L, Otai J, Mulindi R, Lynam P, et al. Using Young Mothers' Clubs to Improve Knowledge of Postpartum Hemorrhage and Family Planning in Informal Settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. Journal of community health. 2015