Evaluation of the Institutionalization of Family Planning/Reproductive Health Inservice Training in Bolivia

(Published March, 2003)
Brechin, S.J.G. (Author),
Sacknoff, D. (Author),
Curran, K. (Author),
Asport, S. (Author),
Vargas, M. (Author)
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After eight years of FP/RH on-the-job retraining of practitioners, the government of Bolivia began to focus on preservice education efforts, necessitating examination of the usefulness of existing training resources and rationalizing skills training across both preservice and inservice training programs. JHPIEGO and the Ministry of Health (MOH) designed a Level 3 training evaluation to assess the impact of training on job performance, as well as to assess the institutionalization of the FP/RH inservice training system and to determine needs for the preservice education initiative. The evaluation was implemented between 2000 and 2001.

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