Helping Mothers Survive Essential Care for Labor & Birth Training Package: French

Training Material
(Published December, 2019)
Jhpiego (Author)
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Essential Care for Labor & Birth (ECL&B) is a module designed to improve the quality and experience of care for women and newborns during labor, birth and in the vulnerable hours immediately after. The module builds capacity of the entire team of health workers who provide care for women and newborns at birth. With ECL&B, skills are built around communication, teamwork, and essential care skills for a normal birth. These skills include respectful maternity care, infection prevention, classification of labor, careful monitoring for early identification of complications, and supportive care during all stages of labor and birth. The materials include a Flipbook, Providers Guide, and Action Plan, as well as a folder of necessary supplemental materials that are critical components for success. ECL&B is endorsed by ICM, FIGO, ACNM, and AAP.


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