Managing Complications in Pregnancy and Childbirth Learning Resource Package

Training Material
(Published 2000)
World Health Organization (Author),
Jhpiego (Author)
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This learning resource package for managing complications in pregnancy and childbirth has been developed primarily to support the implementation of preservice education programs for the training of skilled providers. The package is not meant to replace existing curricula, nor should its use require that curricula be changed. Instead, the package provides teaching/learning methods, materials and other resources to support the implementation of education programs for skilled providers, whether they are midwives, doctors or nurses. Although this learning resource package was developed primarily for use in preservice education, the modular format and competency-based approach make it appropriate for use in in-service training programs as well. The reference manual appears with permission of the World Health Organization.


The Reference Manual was developed by the World Health Organization. The Learning Resource Package was developed by Jhpiego.