A Matched Case-Control Evaluation of the Knowledge and Skills of Midwives in Ghana Two Years after Graduation

Performance Standard,
(Published March, 2003)
Brechin SJG (Author),
Sacknoff D (Author),
Curran K (Author),
Asport S (Author),
Vargas M. (Author)
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Jhpiego participated in preservice education in family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH) and essential maternal and neonatal care (EMNC) at 12 midwifery training schools in Ghana to improve basic knowledge and skills of midwives upon graduation. Preservice skills potentially decrease the burden on the inservice training system because new midwives are in less need of refresher FP training. The program in Ghana was implemented in three phases, beginning with two schools in Phase 1, three schools in Phase 2, with remaining seven schools in Phase 3. In April 2003 Phase 3 finished. This report summarizes a 2-year followup evaluation conducted in 2002 comparing the knowledge and skills of midwives graduating from Phase 1 schools in 2000 to that of midwives graduating from the remaining schools during the same year.

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