Prevention and Control of Ebola Virus Disease in Health Care Facilities with Limited Resources

Training Material
(Published May, 2015)
Chandrakant Ruparelia, Melanie Curless, Polly Trexler, and Meredith Black (Author),
Dana Lewison (Editor)
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This learning resource package, comprising a Reference Manual, Guide for Learners, Guide for Facilitators, and presentation graphics, is designed to prepare health care providers (doctors, nurses, and midwives) and other health care workers in infection prevention and control (IPC) at health care facilities in the event of an Ebola Virus Disease outbreak. It is intended to build upon the learners’ current IPC knowledge and skills and prepare them, in as short a time as possible, to implement appropriate interventions for prevention and control of an Ebola outbreak. The learning approach embodied in this material emphasized doing, not just knowing, and uses competency-based evaluations of learners’ performance. Though designed to be used in a three-day, group-based workshop, this package can also be used for off-site training involving all staff members of health care facilities that are likely to receive patients infected with Ebola.

In the development of these materials, the authors referred to the latest World Health Organization and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations for health care workers on preventing the transmission of Ebola Virus Disease in health care facilities.

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