Structured On-the-Job Training: Innovations in International Health Training

Sullivan R (Author),
Brechin S (Author),
Lacoste M. (Author)
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JHPIEGO assisted the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) in 1993 to develop and conduct a clinical training course for supervisors and service providers. A 1994 evaluation of this integrated program showed only limited success. Many trainees returned from the group-based course to sites where they were not able to practice their newly acquired skills because of other job responsibilities, low caseloads, or inadequate supervision. Results of this evaluation suggested that traditional classroom courses may not always be the most appropriate or effective way to ensure application of new skills on the job. The assessment also emphasized the important link that needs to be made between training and service delivery. To respond to the evaluation team’s recommendations and to ZNFPC’s need for different training approaches that would maximize their ability to train more service providers more quickly, JHPIEGO assisted the ZNFPC, the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare (MOH/CW), and other organizations in converting the group-based clinical course to a structured OJT course in August 1995.

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