An icebreaker is a structured game or other activity that stimulates communication and team building within a group. In training settings, icebreakers can help to create a positive learning environment in an interactive way.

A successful first day of a training course is essential to the success of the whole course. It is important to start the course on a positive note by making sure that all of the participants feel comfortable. Trainers or facilitators therefore often use icebreakers at the beginning of a course to help the participants get to know each other as quickly as possible. Trainers also use icebreakers to introduce new topics or energize a group of participants at the beginning of a session or after a break.

Typical icebreakers used in training courses include: exercises where participants share information about themselves (e.g., personal characteristics, their favorite things); word games; physical games involving tossing a ball or other object; and group problem-solving exercises.